The Doulas of Birthing Tree

Pensacola Birth Doulas
“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.”- John Kennel

Holly Heller

As founder of Birthing Tree it’s important for you to know me as much as I will know you so that we can work together in a harmonious environment. Learning a small amount now and A LOT as we grow together starts here.

My path to becoming a doula has taken many twist and turns. After the birth of my first daughter I realized my passion for lactation support. My sweet girl would not nurse, take a bottle, and barely would take breast milk from a syringe. It was a lactation consultant that helped me get her feeding where it should be and what thrust me into the birth world. My second pregnancy was a curveball! I was on bed rest from 17 weeks to 37 weeks! Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. My daughter and I both needed a babysitter while my husband was at work. It was after my second pregnancy with many ups and downs that I decided being  doula was where I needed to be in life. I wanted to help mothers know all of the options that maybe they were not learning about from their doctor. Better outcomes for YOUR pregnancy, YOUR delivery, and YOUR postpartum.

In realizing my dream to become a doula my family was right behind me and supported me all the way. In 2012 I started my doula certification process and was certified with Childbirth International. I was eager to share with moms the knowledge I had learned. I wanted to educate moms on all the vast options that I never knew existed. I wanted them to know that they had support emotionally, spiritually, and physically that they could count on. Soon after I added my postpartum doula certification so that the healing process could also be a smoother transition not just for mom but for the WHOLE family. A doula for the whole family? Yes; I wanted to be postpartum doula too. I knew that I wanted to help families transition from pregnancy to parenthood. Allow your bodies to heal and give yourself time to bond with baby and family. I am beyond excited for the families that I have served and made lasting friendships with and I am honored for those that will choose me to be on their birth team in the future. My goal is to assist you in the ways that you feel best supports your family. At Birthing Tree our desire is to take the most holistic, whole body approach to pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and beyond that we can with all your wishes at heart’s center.


Pensacola Florida Certified Doulas

Caitlin Archer

Hey, I’m Caitlin! I’m a mama of two beautiful children and a devoted wife to my husband, Jason, since 2011. I graduated from Fortis in 2013 with my Associates Degree in Nursing and went on to finish my Bachelor’s Degree at Kaplan University in 2016. During nursing school, I was fortunate to witness many beautiful babies come earth-side which led to my passion for Maternal Health.

After my son was born in a very “traditional” and lackluster hospital setting, I became more aware of my options. I educated myself on more natural and holistic ways to experience pregnancy and labor. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I hired Holly Heller as my doula. My birth experience the second time around was uplifting, empowering, and overall amazing. I realized that receiving support during my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum was essential as I transitioned into motherhood.

My hope, as your birth doula, is to be a source of support that strengthens and empowers you to be brave and at peace during childbirth. I will be there to remind you that you are strong and capable. You’ve got this, mama!

I am unbiased and respect all families and all births. I am committed to helping you achieve a personalized and blissful experience for you, your family, and your beautiful new life.

Caitlin Archer, RN
BEST Doula Certified

Pensacola Florida Birth Photographer Doula

Melissa McKinney

Hello, I’m Melissa! I’m a Pensacola-based, Certified Birth Doula and Professional Photographer. I have been married to my husband, Philip, for 13 years and we have three beautiful children. After two smooth hospital births, I decided to see a midwife with my third child. 

In my pregnancies, I was very fortunate to be surrounded by the sound advice of the wise, knowledgeable women in my life. Women who had given birth in hospitals, birth centers and in their homes.  Later, when I began to photograph births, I realized the need for other women to have the same preparation, and opportunity as I did. The opportunity to be prepared, mentally, physically and spiritually for their transition into motherhood. That’s where my journey to be a birth care worker began. It blesses me to be the same voice for the women I work with.

  I feel very passionately about your right to make informed choices for your birth. Whether your birth is natural or otherwise, I’m committed to stand with you and provide the support you need to make educated decisions. I don’t claim to empower women, I believe you do your own empowering.

As a doula, I understand that the needs of my clients vary. I provide unbiased, non-judgmental support for every woman’s birth preference. My goal is to assist you and your partner in achieving the most satisfying birth possible.  I am humbled and honored to be welcomed into the lives of families during this remarkable life transition.